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Male Chef in Kitchen, Preparing a Meal
Male Chef in Kitchen, Preparing a Meal

Higher Standards Means Hiring Local

For Related, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our culture, and a key factor in how we select partners. The Grand is conceived with the vision of an employment ecosystem that will build and strengthen community.

By working with neighborhood groups, designating resources and investing in skills and career training for local and at-risk hires, we have developed reliable turnkey solutions to help our tenants accomplish their social responsibility and local hiring goals.

CSR Programs at The Grand

Workforce development

Workforce Development

For both construction and permanent jobs targeting 30% local residents, of which one third are “At Risk”.

Community Access

Community Access

Welcoming public spaces with free programming coordinated by a District Task Force and public outreach.


Inclusive and Affordable Retail

Including a range of price points.

Retail Space

Retail Space to Promote Local Businesses

10,000 SF of local retailers, including 2,000 SF for “Made in LA” tenants.

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Prevailing Wages, Living Wages and Affirmative Action

To secure a diverse workforce.

Public Art

Contribution to Public Art

1% of the development cost will be spent on public art.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

20% of residential units, of which 15% will be at or below 40% AMI and balance at or below 50% AMI.

CSR Through Employment Practices

Benefits to the Tenant/Operator Employer

Workforce development can be an inspiring reflection of the value we attribute to DTLA, providing enriching benefits to participating employers.


Strategic Partnerships

To facilitate local hiring, Related has built strategic relationships with partner firms who specialize in vetting and placing local and at-risk talent. This provides The Grand and our tenants with a reliable way to meet hiring goals.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance and Subsidies

The City of Los Angeles provides financial assistance and funding to firms for the purpose of economic development or job growth. The city expends grant funds under programs created by the federal and state governments.

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2-for-1 Hiring Credits for Specific Training

Each permanent employer who provides on-the-job training in accordance with the requirements of the workforce development program will receive a credit toward the hiring goal equal to twice the number of hours worked by each local low-income resident receiving such training.

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Our commitment to building an inclusive, diverse workforce is reflected in every aspect of our business.

We are proud to be made in LA and our community focused initiatives will come to life in the heart of DTLA.

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