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Discover The Grand

The Grand is more than a single destination: it will be the best way to access the vibrant and inspiring community that surrounds us. 

The DTLA area welcomes more than 22 million visitors every year. 3.6 million cultural enthusiasts attend performances, visit museums and enjoy the programming offered by Grand Ave Arts every year. And every day, a population of 500,000 employees fill the neighborhood — a majority of whom are working or visiting near The Grand. 

Research results reveal why The Grand will be DTLA's next great destination for a variety of visitors. Explore their journeys below.

The Foodie

"Food connects me with my family and friends."


Believes that food is more than nourishment; it can be an experience


Finds new restaurants through check-ins and apps like OpenTable and Instagram

dinner table

Enjoys upscale restaurants, destination dining and unique culinary experiences


Ambiance and decor influence choices in food experience

Why The Grand

With chef-driven restaurant concepts that range from top-tier dishes to late-night bites, The Grand is imagined as DTLA’s go-to dining destination, and the only place in Los Angeles with so many different food options in one city block.


enjoy traveling


have traveled to other cities or states to try trendy foods or restaurants


are interested in upscale restaurants 


want unique dining experiences

Handbags in Glass Showcase
The Modern Shopper

“Fashion is how I express myself, and I want items that reflect my lifestyle, and my personal style.”

Shopper Jacket

Health-conscious and hobby-driven; needs the right pieces to fit any occasion


Discovers new trends through social networks like Instagram

Smart Watch

Active lifestyle tracked through wearable technology and wellness apps


Shops for electronics, footwear and clothing

Why The Grand

The Grand will offer a spectrum of shopping, ranging from essentials to the extraordinary. A unique mix of national retail brands and uncommon neighborhood finds will span three levels that surround the vibrant open plaza, the centerpiece of the property.


of those who live/work in DTLA appreciate the recent increase of retail stores




Clothing and Apparel


Books and Music

The Museum Goer

“My love for the arts is part of my identity.”


Believes that learning never stops, and that art exposes new horizons


Interested in art, architecture and design


Ambiance and decor influence cultural experiences

Dinner Plate

Pairs museum visit with good food and shopping


Active in the community, loves to travel and attends live performances

Why The Grand

In a neighborhood defined by world-class architecture and dotted with museums, public art and sculpture, The Grand becomes a magnet for museum goers. The day begins with a café coffee before heading out. Then a healthy lunch between exhibits. And finally a glass of wine before dinner in the open air, overlooking Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall — the perfect place to contemplate a culture-filled day. 


enjoy exploring restaurants and food


also shop or go out to eat when visiting DTLA for arts and culture


want organic or farm-to-table restaurants


are interested in Michelin-rated restaurants

Closeup of Violin While Being Played
The Performing Arts Fan

“The energy of a live performance inspires me.”


Passionate about concerts, theater, spoken word and 
live comedy

performing-art-2 bars and lounges.svg

Thrill of energetic environments includes affection for rooftop bars 
and cocktail lounges


Artist and ambiance influence the choice of which live performances to attend


Wants creative food 
options for before and 
after a show

Why The Grand

Because DTLA is so spread out, visitors tend to come and go without having the opportunity to explore. That’s going to change when The Grand becomes the ideal way to pre-game before a show, see a free live performance in The Grand’s public plaza, or finish the evening with an unforgettable meal at one of our award-winning restaurants. One stop in LA’s dynamic downtown gives fans ultimate access.


say DTLA offers a lot to do


enjoy exploring restaurants and food


also shop or go out to eat when visiting DTLA for arts and culture


are interested in visiting new live music venues

 Union station
The Traveler

“There is nothing like the feeling of stepping into a new and vibrant place for the first time.”


Those who travel for work or with families to discover new cultures, food and music


Cultural activities and dining options influence travel destinations


Seek out the right restaurant for every occasion


Independent mindset focused on health and wellness for the whole family

Why The Grand

For health-conscious road warriors, The Grand offers LA’s first ever Equinox Hotel, elevating fitness, culture, and community for those who rest and play as hard as they work. With exceptional dining, personalized service, signature programming and uncompromising, unparalleled fitness.

15 million

non-local visitors to DTLA per year — a 17% increase since 2015

1.6 million

hotel visitors to DTLA per year — a 25% increase since 2015